We care for childhood by creating products and services that are innovative, responsible and sustainable.

Micuna is recognized worldwide, due to the high quality and safety of its products. Our brand has a firm commitment to supporting the protection of children, as well as the development of initiative, autonomy and personal development in babies and children.

In line with this mission, here at Micuna, we are always mindful of values that are important for society, such as solidarity, respect for the environment, for the fundamental rights of children, and tolerance, among others.

Commitment to our families is one of the fundamental pillars of our company, as we innovate in relation to the quality and safety processes for our products and services.

In addition, we have a firm commitment to our employees. We ensure their safety and well-being, providing support for working women and mothers, promoting creativity at work, diversity in the organization, equality plans, professional development and internal promotion.

And let’s not forget our values in relation to the sector and our environment, such as fair competition, collaboration with suppliers and cooperation with institutions and organisations.