We care for childhood by creating products and services that are innovative, responsible and sustainable.

Micuna is recognized worldwide, due to the high quality and safety of its products. Our brand has a firm commitment to supporting the protection of children, as well as the development of initiative, autonomy and personal development in babies and children.

In line with this mission, here at Micuna, we are always mindful of values that are important for society, such as solidarity, respect for the environment, for the fundamental rights of children, and tolerance, among others.

Commitment to our families is one of the fundamental pillars of our company, as we innovate in relation to the quality and safety processes for our products and services.

In addition, we have a firm commitment to our employees. We ensure their safety and well-being, providing support for working women and mothers, promoting creativity at work, diversity in the organization, equality plans, professional development and internal promotion.

And let’s not forget our values in relation to the sector and our environment, such as fair competition, collaboration with suppliers and cooperation with institutions and organisations.



At MICUNA, design is very important, so we dedicate all our enthusiasm and passion to ensuring that the process is as faithful to our values as possible.

Ecodesign is based on product fabrication that is efficient at all stages of its life cycle, guaranteeing reforestation through the use of renewable, recycled or recyclable raw materials. As a result, Ecodesign has a number of environmental benefits, such as:

  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Greater added product value as it has a lower environmental impact
  • Higher and better quality
  • Increased durability and functionality of the product
  • Empowering innovative entrepreneurial thinking
Our children’s furniture is made with wood that is certified as sustainable. In addition to its visually simple aesthetic design, it has advantages over furniture that is made with other types of material. For example, products made from natural wood have a natural property that makes it difficult for bacteria to reproduce. At MICUNA, we also coat the wood with babybacter® finish, which has antibacterial protection and a waterproof finish that will keep your baby safe and protected.

In addition, we bring a taste of nature to the baby’s room. The use of natural wood, a living element that stimulates them in a natural and intuitive way, promotes their sense of smell and touch.

In this way, wooden furniture for babies and children that is made in line with ecodesign principles not only demonstrates a love for nature, but also for our children.

Our commitment to ecodesign is shown in our multifunctional, evolving and transformable designs that enable us to extend the life of our furniture.



At MICUNA, we work hard every day so that we can pass on a green world to our children. To do this, we make use of different practices that reduce our ecological footprint in the world.

Our facilities are equipped with different technologies that we have started to implement in recent years, meaning that we are as up to date as possible in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Micuna’s production plant is equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, as well as other technologies that address energy and consumption efficiency.

In addition, we use wood from ecological forests, natural materials, non-toxic water-based paints and as many manual manufacturing processes as possible, and we re–use the energy that we generate ourselves through our self–consumption facilities.