Cododo Minicot

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The Cododo minicot is a co-sleeping minicot that helps you maintain close skin to skin contact with your baby after birth, for those first, highly sensitive days, when both mother and baby need shelter and mutual contact.

Adjustable to 14 heights. Height options ranging from the floor to the top of the bed base (dimensions in mm). Side can be folded to 4 positions.

But that’s not all! The Cododo minicot has many more uses: a minicot, a co-sleeping minicot (for this function, the folding side can be disassembled and used as a storage shelf at the bottom without requiring any tools), a desk, a sofa and, when they are older, a toy box with wheels!

This collection is designed and manufactured in Spain.

Point of interest:
Our minicot is made of beech wood and lacquered in white, using water-based paints and non-toxic varnishes. All our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, and we develop our designs, production and distribution under the ecodesign premise. We have a strong commitment to green manufacturing.


External dimensions: Height 88/67 cm / Width 53 cm / Depth 84 cm

Internal dimensions: Width 48.3 cm / Length 36 cm

Material: Beech

Colour: White

– Minicot that can be converted into a co-sleeping minicot
– Adjustable to 14 heights
– Side that can move to 4 positions
– 4 wheels with brakes
– Can be converted into a desk, removing the wheels
– Can be converted into a toy box, with or without wheels
– Can be converted into a sofa, removing the wheels.
– The movable side panel can be removed and used as a shelf at the bottom without requiring any tools
– Includes: anti-suffocation mat 720 x 487 x 45 mm
– Includes bed straps from 90–200 cm

TX-1823 Duvet + bumper, TX-919 Set of sheets, TX-1640 Bumper kit + bag, CP-1641 Supplement for bed models with wide base (only in white) and CH-1889 Comfort minicot mattress. R&R Line

– To clean the minicot, we recommend wiping it with a dry cloth to remove dust, or with a cloth that you have slightly dampened with water
– We do not recommend using abrasive products
– To clean the bedding, we advise that you follow the instructions on the label

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