Spring Cot Mattress

Micuna spring mattress, for 120 x 60 cm cots.

At Micuna, we research and analyse global recommendations for baby’s sleep and apply them to our products, guaranteeing rest and safety.

Traditional springs provide firmness and breathability, helping your baby to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

All Micuna mattresses have anti-mite treatment.

Made in Spain.


CH-660 for 120 x 60 cm cot

Dimensions: 117 x 57 x 12 cm

– Two layers of regenerated fibres of 1000gr/m2
– Biconical spring casing
– 23kg foam perimeter frame
– 100% polyester fabric, padded with 200gr Micuna customised fibre

– Anti-mite treatment. It does not allow mites to settle
– Soft touch
– White piping
– Made in Spain

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