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Trott@ Montessori Learning Tower

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The TROTTA is an evolving, transformable learning tower that is from the Micussori product line; the Micuna Montessori family. It will be a great help in the first years of the child’s life. When they are at the highly interested and curious stage, it will help them to reach those places that are difficult to access such as the kitchen worktop or the toilet. This helps the child to be more independent, in line with the Montessori philosophy.

It has handles to allow it to be easily transported and, when it is no longer used as a learning tower, it can become a storage unit, allowing it to continue to be used.

Its finishes prevent the child from getting hurt, and it has no screws that they can get caught on or trip over.

The Trotta learning tower has four positions:

1- STAIRCASE. In the first position, Trotta is a little staircase with three steps. The bottom step can be folded inwards when it is not needed, to save space in the home.

2- TWO POSITIONS. The second position is designed to support the child as they grow. Thanks to its innovative guide system, the functionality can be changed with very simple and intuitive movements, without needing any tools. By simply sliding it, the upper step becomes a hidden step, reducing the height of the lift.

3- It is also a SEAT, when the upper step is placed in its backrest position.

4- LEARNING. Its side panels contain a fun game, allowing the child to discover letters, numbers and basic geometric shapes, tracing them with the tracing ball. This system will allow your child to have their first experience of writing and drawing at their own pace of learning.

Designed and manufactured in Spain. Made of pine wood with non-toxic varnishes. All our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, and we develop our designs, production and distribution under the ecodesign premise. We have a strong commitment to green manufacturing.


Dimensions: 91 x 46.5 x 44 cm

Material: Lacquered MDF – Pine.

Colour: Waterwood – White.

– Evolving learning tower
– Intuitive guide system
– Shelf that can be converted into a seat
– Height-evolving interior
– Folding step
– Includes pointer
– Play area

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