Montessori Safety Barrier

barrera cuna 120 x 60 mont 1863 barrera A1

The Micussori line of cot barrier guard rails can be attached to any of the Micuna 120 x 60 cm cots that have this label, and the same is true of the tipi house.

With edges that are rounded to avoid any scratches, this accessory follows the Montessori philosophy. It is a barrier that will help little ones develop their independence, and is perfect for when your baby learns to get in and out of the cot by themselves.

The collection is designed and manufactured in Spain.

Point of interest:
Our Micussori barrier is treated with water-based paints and non-toxic varnishes. All our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, and we develop our designs, production and distribution under the ecodesign premise. We have a strong commitment to green manufacturing.


Material: Lacquered MDF

Colour: White

– Optional barrier guard rail from the Micussori collection
– Product adapted to the Montessori philosophy
– For those 120 x 60 cm cots that are indicated in the catalogue and for the Tipi House
– It is advisable to place it at the lowest height of the cot bed base and remove the wheels

– CP-1877 LED Lamp

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