Rocker Drawer

cajon balancin cuna 120 x 60 cp 1688 1

Drawer for 120 x 60 cm cots, with Pendulum system, a system that allows the cot to rock in two directions of movement, depending on its mounting system.

This drawer will be very helpful for soothing the baby’s discomfort or simply helping them to sleep peacefully. The rocker system is very beneficial for the baby. The movement it makes is similar to what they experience in their mother’s womb, where they were protected and relaxed for such a long time, making them feel safe and calm.

The cot drawer is an essential accessory for the baby’s room, allowing you to take advantage of the empty space under the cot, so that the baby’s things will always be tidy. Bedding, baby clothes, stuffed animals, toys and everything you need for your little one will be organised in a very practical way.

Available in white.


Dimensions: for 120 x 60 cm cots

Material: Beech – Lacquered MDF – Melamine board

Colour: White

– PENDULUM SYSTEM; 2 directions of movement, depending on the mounting system
– Great storage capacity
– Easy to handle and open
– Space saving

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