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Wonderful Bathtub


The Wonderful bathtub is available in two colours: white-pink and white-blue.

Inside, you’ll find a comfortable basin with soap dish and drain. The upper part incorporates a practical plastic changing mat, with elegant upholstery featuring coloured hearts. With built-in wheels for easy mobility.

Thanks to its optional fixed leg add-on, it can be transformed into a practical dresser by removing the wheels, the basin and the changing table.


Dimensions: 93 x 79 x 49cm

Material: Lacquered MDF – Melamine board

Safety Certificate: European

European approval: UNE-EN 12221-1/2:2009 (+A1:2013)

Colour: White-Blue / White-Pink

– 4 drawers. The first one cannot be opened while the unit is being used as a bathtub, but as a chest of drawers it becomes a standard size drawer for normal use
– Includes 4 wheels, two of which have safety brakes so that it can be secured anywhere and moved around easily, as needed
– Includes plastic upholstery, with a pattern of coloured hearts
– Includes basin, soap dish and drain Easy to disassemble to turn it into a chest of drawers

To clean the cabinet, we recommend wiping it with a dry cloth to remove dust, or with a cloth that you have slightly dampened with water. We do not recommend using abrasive products.

– TX-1152 bathtub dresser cover
– CP-1190 fixed leg to convert the bathtub into a chest of drawers

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