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Mountain Cot 120X60 natural wax

Meet our most natural cradle

The new Mountain cradle finished with natural wax maintains the original feel of the beech wood, while also retaining its light, natural tone.

Its light and refined design makes it perfect for any type of room.


Ext. Measurements: 122 x 64,5 cm

Int. Measurements: 117 x 59,5 cm

Material: Beech

Features: 5 Bed base positions / Fixed side
panels / With wheels, two of them with brake /
Dry cleaning

Optional: Cradle mattress 117 X 57 cm / CP-1786
BE2In co-sleeping / CH-570 pillow / MONT-1863
safety barrier

Bed base height: 22,6 / 27,6 / 32,6 / 37,6 / 42,6 cm

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