bbsitter Smart Cot

cuna inteligente de 120 x 60 babysitter A2 1

Our bbsitter is the first smart cot with integrated learning. Its intelligent, cry-sensing mode means that the cot will learn which movements soothe your baby, and then recreate their favourite sequences whenever necessary.

Nobody knows more about a baby than their own parents, so the parental mode has a control that allows you to choose between the 6 available movements.

bbsitter also has a monitoring light or a night light, and it measures the temperature and humidity level in the room, to make your baby’s room the safest and most comfortable of places.

You can control all this through your mobile APP, where you have the option to select from six available movements. Alternatively, you can activate the smart mode, and the cot itself can select the most appropriate movement based on what it has learned from your baby.

In addition, you can activate the night light, allowing you to see your baby without waking them and control the humidity and temperature of the room, achieving the most comfortable environment for the baby to rest well.

Our cot wheels from the Selection catalogue have a high-quality rubber tread, which prevents them from damaging delicate floors and parquet.

Your bbsitter will be unique, because your baby is unique.

Discover the bbsitter story with this video:



External dimensions: Height 99.3 cm / Width 63.2 cm / Depth 120.8 cm

Internal dimensions: 117 x 59.5 cm

Material: Beech/Lacquered MDF

Safety Certificate: European

European approval: UNE-EN 716-1/2:2008 (+A1:2013)

Colour: White – White / White – Waterwood

– Smart cot controlled with an APP
– Battery included
– 2 bed base positions
– Fixed side panels
– 4 wheels with a high-quality rubber tread, which prevents them from damaging delicate floors and parquet, and two of which have brakes

– CH-570 Pillow 60 cm
– CH-620 Fabric cot mattress 117 x 57 cm
– CH-660 Spring cot mattress 117 x 57 cm
– CH-1583 Coconut and latex cot mattress 117 x 57 cm
– CH-1293 Viscoelastic cot mattress 117 x 57 cm
– CH-1676 30kg cot mattress 117 x 57 cm
– CH-1740 Basic 20kg cot mattress 117 x 57 cm
– Wide range of 100% cotton fabrics available

To clean the cot, we recommend wiping it with a dry cloth to remove dust, or with a cloth that you have slightly dampened with water.
We do not recommend using abrasive products.